Learn how to make Paper Flowers!

Paper Flowers make a big statement to any Party, Birthday, wedding, or to decorate your home. The best part? They are easy to make! This is a step by step tutorial o f how to make them. I've also included a list of the materials I used for this specific flower made.


Begin by laying your template on your card stock of choice and trace your petals. I used this cardstock for this particular flower.

Step 2. Cut all your petals. You will need to cut:

* 8-9 large petals

* 6-7 medium petals

* 4-6 small ones

* 3-4 XS small ones

My favorite scissors of all times are these ones. It doesn't stick and it cuts so smooth!

Step 3. Once you cut the petals out, cut slits upward into the center of the bottom of the petals. About 3 inches for the biggest one, half to one inch less on the following petal in size and repeat with every following petal in size.

Step 4. This step is KEY if you'd like your flowers a custom look

Shape each of the petals by curling the tip to the back or the front with a fat pencil, a thick silicone glue stick (My preferred method), or any cylindrical shaped object.

Curl your petals however you want! have fun!

There are so many different styles you can create!

Assembly time!

Step 5. Starting with the largest of petals (base petals), add some glue in a vertical line to the right side edge of the petal and proceed to overlap another petal at about a 50º angle, ensuring they are forming a circular shape at the bottom. Press down firmly so the petal will stick. Repeat this until all petals meet. (Watch the angle of placement as you go around making sure you leave enough room for the petals to come together).

Step 6. Cut a circle on a piece of cardstock and glue it to cover the opening at the bottom of the flower.

Step 7. Start the 2nd layer of petals alternating between the base petals.

Step 8. Continue adding the layers of petals by alternating them with the bottom layer petals until you have used all the petals.

Step 9. Now just add a flower center! Glue it to the center of your paper flower, and Voila!

You are done with your flower!

Now, see the video tutorial!

Materials I used:

* Cardstock paper for this flower: I used this one from Amazon:

* Paper Flower Templates I used the following:

Grab yours here: or Here:

* Scissors, I love this one:

* Hot Glue Gun: I love this 2 Temp. one! Highly recommend it!

Here are some helpful tips!

-On this tutorial I used 6 of the largest petals for the outer layer, 5 petals for the following three sizes and layers, and 3 of the smallest size for the final center layer.

-For the Puffy flower center, i used 65lb. cardstock from Michaels Stores, in Burgundy.

-To make this flower center, you may cut it by hand, or if you have a Cricut, just search for: Cricut Flower center i used is Marigold #MA3F. Located under: 3D Floral Home Decor.

I have received multiple inquiries as to what size the petals are; so here you go: Starting from the largest petal: 10.5" inches tall, 8.5", 7", 5.2" y 3.5". I Hope you guys find this info. helpful.

Let me know if you have any questions or suggestions!


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